What We Believe & Do

Representation20/20 advocates for institutional reforms to level the playing field for women candidates, enabling them to run, win, serve, and lead effectively. We’re working to win gender parity - balanced representation for women and men across the political and geographic spectrum - so that our daughters and their daughters engage with our democracy as equals.

What We Believe

Women make up half the population, but only 19 percent of Congress, less than 25% of state legislative and statewide executive positions, and under 20% of city and county officials. Even worse, the rate of increase in women's representation has stagnated at every level of elected office, and we’re falling behind the rest of the world in women’s representation at all levels of government.

Need a more concrete example of this problem?

Representation20/20’s founder is from a small city in Maryland where there are no women on the city council, and only 2 of 9 county council seats and one of four state legislative seats are held by a woman. Maryland has never elected a woman governor, attorney general or state comptroller, and the state’s delegation of U.S. Senators and U.S. House Members is expected to be all-male in 2017.

This is unacceptable.

Electing more women to every level of government will strengthen our democracy by making it more representative, reviving bi-partisanship & collaboration, improving policy outcomes, encouraging a new style of leadership, and building greater trust in our elected bodies.

What We’re Doing About It

Representation20/20 supports the work being done to address gender stereotypes and to train and fund individual women candidates, but we believe that to win gender parity we must also work on institutional reforms that will lead to more women running, winning, serving, and leading.


What do these institutional reform strategies to win gender parity include?

These systemic reforms have led to the election of more women across our nation, and around the globe. For the United States to get back on track as a leader in women’s equality, we need innovative strategies that change institutions. And that’s what Representation20/20 is committed to making happen.

Join us in turning public passion for gender parity into action and results