Weekend Reading on Women's Representation January 27, 2017

Posted on Blog on January 27, 2017

Dear friends, NYMagazine profiles the 9 Black female judges who were elected in Alabama - an impressive development and a very interesting story. I am researching the number of women who get elected vs those who get appointed and compiling statistics on the numbers of women of color. I think that's an arena which is ripe for intentional actions such as gender targets for the appointed seats.

Weekend Reading on Women's Representation January 20, 2017

Posted on Blog on January 20, 2017

My friends, Anita Hill had a powerful piece in the Washington Post on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for women - she concludes with these words: In 2016, in the aftermath of Trump’s victory, commentators declared that feminism is over, lost or dead, and so is social justice; women should move on. But what I witnessed after the hearing, when thousands of women demanded that our leadership in Washington reflect their experiences, gives me hope. I’m convinced that those who expect women to recede quietly will soon be disappointed. On Jan. 21, women from all identities and circumstances will march in Washington and in cities around the globe in numbers too great for Trump to ignore. Yes, women are moving past the election, but not as spectators, as participants in our democracy — as patriots. That is cause for celebration.

Weekend Reading on Women's Representation January 13, 2017

Posted on Blog on January 13, 2017

The Representation2020 team gather with Frances Perkins' grandson under her portrait in the office of the current Secretary of Labor! My dear friends, Susannah Wellford had yet another terrific piece in US News and World Report this week on the topic of how to deepen and broaden the movement for women's representation - this is an important challenge for all of us to embrace.

The Portland Press Herald

Posted on Rep20/20 in the News on December 11, 2016

While more women of color were just elected to the U.S. House and Senate than ever before, the overall number of women in Congress remains the same, the number of women governors dropped to just five and women’s share of state legislative seats is still under 25 percent. The United States now ranks 99th among nations for the representation of women, a steep decline from 44th in 1995.

Weekend Reading on Women's Representation December 10, 2016

Posted on Blog on December 10, 2016

Last week I wrote from Brussels and this week I was visiting with women's representation experts in the UK. Susannah Wellford and I had the privilege of speaking with a number of the leading women's representation advocates in Britain - they shared impressive stories of training and mentoring programs and we got to meet three of their many success stories.

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