Statewide Executive Office

Only 6 out of 50 U.S. states have women governors, 12 women serve as lieutenant governors, and 57 women hold other statewide offices such as attorney general or secretary of state.

infogram_0_36e1ad3e-a5af-4abf-84d5-5d57524b5bd1Rep2020 Statewide Executive Offices//

Number of women serving: 75 out of 312
Percentage of women: 24%
# of Republicans: 42
# of Democrats: 32
First woman elected in her own right: Ella Grasso (CT) in 1975

infogram_0_for_website_states_that_have_never_elected_a_woman_governorRep2020 States that Have Never Elected A Woman Governor//

Fact sheet on women in statewide elective office from the Center for American Women in Politics, Rutgers University.


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