Katie Shewfelt

Hi! My name is Katie and I'm a rising sophomore at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where I am a prospective Government and Environmental Studies double major. At Wes, I'm involved in the student film community, the Office of Sustainability, and political student groups. I also run my own women's political blog.

I've been a staunch feminist for as long as I can remember - before I even knew what the word "feminist" meant - and this has become a fundamental part of my political involvement. I was a passionate volunteer for the Hillary campaign, and was disappointed (to say in the least) by the election results. Even more so, I was appalled at the divisive attitudes and sexist rhetoric that permeated the election season and have endured long after. In order to create meaningful change in this country, we need to strengthen our commitment to cooperation and equal representation. This belief is what led me to Representation2020. 
I'm very excited to contribute to the progress that Representation2020 aims to achieve. My hope is that I can help women to find a voice in their political system while also learning advocacy skills I can use in the future. 
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