Izzy Allum

Hi! My name is Izzy Allum and I am a rising high school junior at the National Cathedral School for Girls in DC. Outside of school, most of my time is spent fencing, a sport I have been doing for six years.

Living in DC, talk of politics has surrounded me for most of my life, and attending an all girls school, I have been educated in an environment that encourages strong, powerful women. For many years, I have been interested in current affairs and politics, an interest I have become more invested in following this last presidential election. I am excited to be interning at Represention2020 as this opportunity will allow me to become more involved in political activism within a field that I find particularly important. As our political system is design to ensure our elected representatives are representative of our country, I believe that gender parity in our government is an essential goal we must work towards.


Join us in turning public passion for gender parity into action and results