Gender Parity Index 2017 Report


The Gender Parity Index scores women's representation at the local, state legislative, state-wide executive, and federal levels and assigns each state a grade based on its performance.


GPI_Cover2.jpg"While women of color gained seats in 2016, overall progress toward gender parity is stalled. Women at the federal, state, and local levels struggle to win elective office. Only sixgovernors are women, and the U.S. rank among all nations for the representation of women has declined from 44th in 1995 to 100th in 2017. To achieve gender parity, new strategies are necessary."

- Cynthia Richie Terrell, Representation2020 Founder and Director

Our 2017 Report is the fourth in a series leading to the year 2020, the centennial of the 19th Amendment. The report finds that women are underrepresented at the national, state, and local level, and that parity for men and women in elected office is unlikely to occur without structural changes in recruitment, electoral, and legislative rules.


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