Gender Parity Index

Gender Parity Index

Representation20/20 defines gender parity as the point at which women and men are just as likely to hold elected office. 

The Gender Parity Index is a measure of how well women are represented in each state's elected offices. We scored states on a scale of 0 to 100. If a state has a score lower than 50, women are underrepresented in elected office in that state, and if it has a score above 50, men are underrepresented. A state with a score of 50, which means that men have earned 50% of the points and women have earned the other 50%, has reached gender parity in elected office.

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infogram_0_0dee3c61-4ff4-4648-a5b8-2587a2a042b2Gender Parity Scores 2016-2013-1993//

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