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infogram_0_a8eb417c-ac8f-4b3d-ac79-e3f7d3dfcc81Rep2020: Percentage of Women in Congress, 1993-2015//

infogram_0_b7d9a013-add9-4366-bb35-43ad2af85449Rep2020 Historical Total of Female Representatives in Congress//

U.S. House of Representatives

Number of women serving: 83* out of 435
Percentage of women: 19.1%
Number of Republicans: 21
Number of Democrats: 62
Women of color: 34* (31D, 3R)
First woman elected: Jeannette Rankin (MT) in 1916 


*Does not include women delegates the U.S. Territories
Fact sheet  from the Center for American Women in Politics, Rutgers University

infogram_0_us_house_of_representativesRep2020 U.S. House of Representatives//

U.S. Senate

Number of women serving: 21 out of 100
Percentage of women serving: 21%
Number of Republicans: 5
Number of Democrats: 16
Women of color: 4
Most represented states: CA, NH, WA
First woman elected: Hattie Caraway (AR) in 1932 


Fact sheet from the Center for American Women in Politics, Rutgers University

infogram_0_4865b94b-0eaa-499c-ae83-8472ccc64a2cRep2020 U.S. Senate//




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